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Flux - interview - OOMPH! LATINOAMERICA

1.- What was your first impression when you came to Mexico ? 

FLUX: my first impression was that it is much warmer in Mexico City than in cold Germany - yeah, what a surprise! ;-) Because when we started our journey in Frankfurt it was about  - 2° Celsius, freezing and cold wind…and in Mexico we had about + 23° Celsius, still warm although it was already dark outside! At the customs I was quickly reminded that I can not understand and talk Spanish...and not only the good weather gave us a very warm welcome, our lovely fans from Mexico waited already for us patiently at the airport. It’s always very nice to fly so many hours to foreign countries far, far away and to feel like "being home“  in seconds because of our fans giving us a very warmhearted welcome at our arrival!

2.- How did you feel about meeting your fans for the first time? 

FLUX: We feel very blessed and we are very thankful that we have so many faithful fans all around the world. I was very happy to meet our Mexican fans in person, finally, after so many years of trying hard to arrange a show in Latin America! 

3.-How was the experience of playing for the first time in Mexico?

FLUX: I really enjoyed it very much, I had a lot of fun watching the fans from Mexico dancing and jumping and singing to our songs!!!

 4.-What do you think about your Mexican fans? 

FLUX: I was surprised that you can sing all our german lyrics of every song that we played, with a lovely Spanish accent! ;-) I could feel your energy coming over onto our stage and I though that I can really feel that most of you waited a very long time for this first show in Mexico - like we did, too! I also enjoyed the conversations that I had with our fans during the meet&greets before and after the show. It is very important for me to get to know better our fans and their belongings better and what they think about our music.

 5. - Did you have the opportunity to visit some places in the city? 

FLUX: on the second day of our stay, the day when we had to fly back home to Germany, we had about 2 hours time to visit the historical city center of Mexico City. We walked along a very long and wide main street, saw the Palacio de bellas Artes and a nice skyscraper nearby. Then we went directly to the Zocalo, went inside the big cathedral and visited it and walked all across the big square and streets nearby. I remember this place from the last "James Bond“ movie, the opening scene of „Spectre“ really impressed me, and I was very happy to visit it by myself that day! :-) Unfortunately it was too short time to see more…so we have to come back dame day! 

6.- Are you planning to return to our country? 

FLUX: We are hoping to come back to Mexico as soon as possible. We are working on that. Right now we are working on songs for our new album, so hopefully we will come back for more shows with our new album!

7.- Many fans have asked us when they will visit countries like Argentina, Chile, Colombia
FLUX: that would be a "dream come true“ for all of us. It is not so easy to get shows so far away as the costs for traveling are so high to get there…but we are working on this…hopefully this very good show in Mexico City was a good start for more!

8.- What did you think of the acapella duet with the fan called Jesus on stage?

FLUX: I was a bit surprised because I did not really know that DERO planned to do this with Jesus. I did not know when it will happen during our set and I did not know that it was planned for our song „Fieber“. I enjoyed this surprise very much! I loved to see how important this moment was for Jesus and for the crowd, too. We always try to share feelings with our fans, we do not like any distance between us and this was a good opportunity to show this!

Thank you very much for your support!

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