jueves, 9 de marzo de 2017


1. What was you first impression when you came to Mexico?

Since we came from the cold uncomfortable Germany it was pleasing warm. Honestly said, Mexico City is the largest city I have ever been to. We had a warm welcome from some fans who had expected us at the airport. I noticed the many policemen and the military. This is not the case even in the current terror period in Europe.  

2. You had the opportunity to try some Mexican food?

 In the backstage area as well as in a small restaurant next to our hotel I had the pleasure of tasting the real Mexican cuisine. Because I do not like to eat very spicy, I was curious what I expected and was already very careful when ordering. I was positively surprised, that the difference to Mexican food in Germany was astonishingly very low. Also in Germany I like to eat in good Mexican restaurants.

3. How did you feel about meeting your fans for the first time?

 I was amazed at how many of the Mexican fans speak German very well and read and know German literature. The Mexican fans were, contrary to expectations, very shy but extremely warm.

4. What do you feel about being on the stage?

 Because the Mexican fans had to wait so long for us and we had to wait so long for them, there was an extremely emotional atmosphere in the hall. These emotions have immediately swept me and touched me deeply. During the concert, I often thought about, that it unfortunately took far too long until Oomph! finally got the opportunity to perform in Mexico. I hope that the next reunion does not last as long as the last time.

5. What do you think about your Mexican fans?

 Mexican fans are extremely enthusiastic, full of positive energy and capable of real emotions. They are still open to new and really hungry for good live concerts.

6. Who inspired you to the music? And in what year did it happen?

No one special. I listen and love music across all genres. I like rock, metal and industrial as well as classical, jazz and swing music. At the beginning, the technique of electronic music inspired and fascinated me most. In this context also bands such as Ultravox, Depeche Mode and Anne Clark but also music by Nitzer Ebb, Front 242 or Sepultura and Metallica. My first band I had with 14 years. Even in those days I was working with a mix of keyboards and guitars in this band.

7. What was your best moment during your stay in Mexico?

Of Course, first of all, the concert and the meeting with the fans before and after the show. But also the few hours of sightseeing we could enjoy in downtown Mexico City. I would have liked to see more, but there was not enough time. Next time, I'd like to spend a few days of holidays right after the concert and try to discover more of Mexico.

8. Finally some message you want to send to your Mexican fans?

Stay as warm and open as you are and stay hungry for new. I look forward to seeing you again.

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